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Qualification Measurements

Flow visualization
Tracking down particles

In the field of cleanroom acceptance measurements, flow visualizations are becoming increasingly important: Not only are they a central requirement of the VDI and ISO guidelines, but also in inspections by the FDA, more and more emphasis is put on the performance of flow visualizations and above all to their quality – a quality you are entitled expect from us.

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Flow visualizations show the movement patterns of the air in the room which allows areas with little or insufficient air exchange to be identified, i.e. areas where impurities such as particles and germs can collect. Before commissioning a clean room, such visualizations are often indispensable.

This also applies to the same extent after conversion measures in the clean room or if fixtures and machines have been adapted to the manufacturing processes of a new product. Then it has to be proven again that the flow pattern still meets the requirements and that the structural change does not negatively influence the airflow trajectory. Flow visualizations can also help to track down unexplained particle entries.

We at CAT Clean Air Technology GmbH make the flow pattern in your production facilities visible for you with fog generators from our own production. They work without leaving any residue – either on DI water or on nitrogen basis – and thus offer, unlike conventional foggers, no breeding ground for possible germs. Everything you need to protect your clean room from possible contamination.

The nebulized air flow is recorded with at least one high-resolution camera which also detects the thinnest swaths and the finest turbulences. In this way, we comprehensively document the current situation in order to analyze the results obtained and identify sustainable optimization opportunities.

Acceptance measurements
Everything under control

The clean room is finished, all plants and systems are in operation, production can start. Beforehand, however, numerous acceptance measurements are necessary in order to prove to both the responsible authorities and your customers that the acceptance limits of the respective specifications are met.

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These measurements must be repeated at regular intervals. And we will take care of this for you:

First, we examine all terminal filters for visible damage. Then, we use state-of-the-art equipment and scanners to record important parameters such as particle concentrations and germ counts, air velocity and air volume flow, room differential pressure and filter differential pressure, temperature and humidity, recovery time and clean-up phase or sound pressure level and illuminance.

In addition to checking the actual room conditions, we can also carry out measurements on a large number of high-purity gases. Our own measuring system enables us to determine various parameters such as the particle concentration and air germ count, the pressure dew point, or the residual oil or residual oxygen content.

But we do not just leave it at measurements alone. Because it goes without saying that we also get to the bottom of any deviations, analyze the causes and search for optimization and solutions. In dialogue with you - building on our many years of experience.

The measure of things

Accuracy and exact measured values are the key factors in cleanrooms. The equipment required for the various control mechanisms must provide correct measurement results which can only be guaranteed by checking their functionality at recurring intervals. For your own confidence and that of your customers.

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If you want to permanently rely on the measured values of your instruments, you have no choice but to have them calibrated regularly.

Whether hand-held measuring instruments or built-in sensors: We at CAT Clean Air Technology GmbH calibrate your probes either in our own laboratory or at your site in certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We will also be happy to advise you on sensible calibration cycles adapted to your intended use.

You can count on us: We ensure that your measured values are correct in terms of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, flow velocity or particle count. Because we have always calibrated our own equipment in the CAT laboratory – an experience you can rely on.

For this purpose, measuring equipment is used whose reference is the so-called National Standards of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The calibration of these DKD reference instruments is in turn carried out by external accredited calibration laboratories.


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