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Maintenance - Repair - Service 
Competence related to cleanrooms

In clean room technology, trouble-free systems are the prerequisite for the proper operation of many buildings and technical work processes. Repair as well as service and maintenance should therefore be carried out by qualified staff. The skilled technicians of CAT Clean Air Technology GmbH are also the ideal contact persons for this.

Tasks of Maintenance - Repair - Service

Maintenance of ventilation and clean room systems according to VDMA 24186:

  • AC systems (air-conditioning systems)
  • Cooling systems
  • FFU (filter fan unit)
  • VFR (volume flow controller)
  • FD (fire dampers)
  • MCR (measurement, control, regulation)
  • Electrical equipment (control cabinet)
  • Airlock control (according to GMP)

 Repair of ventilation and cleanroom equipment:

  • Maintaining and/or restoring the functional condition of ventilation and cleanroom systems and their components

 Service for all aspects of ventilation and cleanroom systems:

  • Hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022-1
  • Energy inspections according to GEG 2020 (German Act for Buildings GEG; §74 Operator Obligation)
  • Cleaning of ventilation and cleanroom systems (according to VDI 6022)
  • Metrological qualification of cleanrooms and media in the cleanroom environment (according to DIN EN ISO 14644, GMP, ISO 8573)
  • Conversion/new building/dismantling of ventilation and cleanroom systems
  • Verification of air tightness of ventilation ducts (according to DIN EN 1507, DIN EN 12237), air-conditioning systems, rooms, buildings and building shells (according to DIN EN 1886, VDI 2083 part 19)
  • Special measurements (for example air quality measurements)
  • FAT (factory acceptance test) of air-conditioning systems
  • FFU (filter fan unit): Sales, commissioning, maintenance
  • Corona air purifiers: Sales, commissioning, maintenance

In short: We take a close look at all aspects of your cleanroom technology system appropriately and professionally and thus ensure flawless and, above all, consistent functionality. An added value that pays off.



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